Learn How Buteyko Method Can Help Your Asthma Treatment

Learn How Buteyko Method Can Help Your Asthma Treatment

Buteyko method could be claimed as one of the most modern and comprehensive natural asthma treatments these days. Developed by the founder himself, Prof. Konstantin Buteyko from Russia. Prof. Buteyko had found a surprising fact on a direct relation between human’s breathing pattern and his health level.

Buteyko Method For Asthma Treatment

According to Buteyko theory, basic cause of asthma is excessive over breathing habit. Patient use to inhale too much air without realizing it, or is known as hyperventilation. Hyperventilation will cause a kind of body defense mechanism that appears as asthma symptoms. So, the treatment method is as simple as to teach the patient to breath in a right way. When an asthma patient can learn to change or adjust the volume of the breathed air, his asthma symptoms can also be drastically reduced, even without pharmaceutical asthma medication.

How hyperventilation can lead to asthma symptoms?

There is a little contradictive opinion which believe that carbon dioxide or CO2 is an important component for our health. Every human cells need at least 7% of CO2 to maintain its normal condition. It is believed that the breathed air on the first phase of human life on this earth contained more than 20% of carbon dioxide. However, at present the content had been decreased to only 0,03%.

Our body adjusted to that condition by creating small air bubbles in the lungs, which we call alveoli. When we breathe normally, there will be 6,5% of carbon dioxide in our lungs, in the same quantity as oxygen. However, modern lifestyle and environment change has seriously affected our breathing pattern, which lead to ‘over-breathing’. Over-breathing happens when we inhale too much air than what we need, and at the same time we exhale carbon dioxide very quickly. Our body cells will out of oxygen supply, which lead to a spasm on airways muscles. Prof. Buteyko called this condition as a hidden hyperventilation.

Symptoms of over-breathing

When you are over-breathing, your body will apply a mechanism to maintain a normal carbon dioxide level by causing these symptoms,

Spasm on airways and alveoli.

Mucus production as a result of airways blockage to block the exit of carbon dioxide.

Airways inflammation.

Increase of cholesterol in liver.

All above symptoms will be diagnosed as asthma and many other diseases such as emphysema, hypertension, eczema, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, etc.

What are the real cause of hyperventilation?

The wrong concept of deep breathing

Many people believe that deep breathing can increase health.


Emotional stress because of over-exciting or depression tend to increase over- breathing.

No exercise

When you are fit, the carbon dioxide level in your blood will also increases.

Excessive eating

Excessive eating will force your body to work harder in order to process the food. This will cause an over-breathing.

Alcohol and drugs

Toxin and over-stimulation in alcohol and drugs can stressed our body, and cause over-breathing.

Too much sleep

Sleeping in lie down position in a long term can also cause over-breathing.

Hot and humid environment

When you are in a high humidity place, you will feel that the air you breathe is insufficient, which will make you breathe deeper or over-breathing. The same thing happen when you are in a polluted environment or in a place full of cigarette smoke.


Its function as one of asthma medication is giving easy breathing in an asthma attack. However, these drugs also cause over-breathing.

How Buteyko Method Works?

Buteyko methods train an over-breathing patients the right way to breathe, so that he can breathe normally for the rest of his life.

Let’s learn about human breathing levels,

In normal way, we inhale 3-4 liter of air per minute, with 6,5% of carbon dioxide level in our lungs.

When you inhale 5-10 per minute, you are already in an over-breathing level without realizing it. In this condition, health problems start to occur, and become worse after certain period of time.

In the more severe level where a person breathe 10-20 liter per minute, an asthma attack is taking place. And because of the difficult breathing, he might try to increase your breathing level to 20-30 liter per minute. This is when the patient got anxiety attack.

With its simple technique and easy to apply, Buteyko method is one of the most effective treatment for asthma patient, by turning his breathing level back to normal, 3-4 liter per minute. This method can also be applied in children, but it must be done under a certified Buteyko trainer supervision.