Diet for ulcer Health Day

Diet for ulcer  Health Day

Ulcers commonly called sore stomach or duodenum. Backpack, but it is such a sensitive place that brings us very great suffering. Ulcers can be acute or chronic, but the good news is that right, although a strict diet, it is easier and may even disappear completely. It is strange that some people prefer longer endure the plague, but not to change their way of eating and living, and it is for their own good. If left untreated, plague lasts for years, and subsides again appears.

Ulcer occurs or after untreated gastritis or stress disorder or blood supply. Quite often the result of a combination of reasons, but most often the cause remains inadequate and unhealthy eating. Pain after meals is very effective, sometimes accompanied by bleeding and vomiting. Whatever you eat, not later than three hours after it appears dull and burning pain. If your pain without eating, then most likely the case of duodenal ulcer.

Diet for ulcer is oriented to softer foods and non-irritating, because besides their chemical composition and physical, they can irritate the stomach lining, which also causes pain. So you should avoid very cold or very hot foods. It is forbidden pungent, sour, salty. Coarse vegetables and fruits like cucumber, cabbage, carrots, hard, apple, quince, should not be eaten raw. You can cook them steamed, boiled, baked, passion. Some fruits and vegetables have peeled off before eating because their skin contains cellulose, which in this case is not helpful.

Although it prohibits the consumption of cabbage, then juice it is useful in ulcer disease. Gentle and soothing potions act of rice, wheat and oats, which can be used for preparing soups and desserts. Recovery of gastric mucosa contributes to the consumption of eggs, fish, dairy products, meat in smaller quantities and required by younger animals and fresh. In general, ulcers in the diet is more vegetarian-dairy, meat is not recommended for frequent use.

At the start of the diet will decrease the pain, so no problem to eat more often, even advisable. Five or six meals a day, small portions, chew a lot, relaxed atmosphere, with the last meal must be before sunset, to the stomach can not be loaded when going to sleep. When you have a crisis, should you prefer liquid and blending foods. In normal days can enrich them with soft foods, but after awhile you can diversify your diet even more, if allowed to eat from foods.