Can Everyone Benefit From Massage

Can Everyone Benefit From Massage

Many people pride themselves on not needing to go to the doctor and see no real benefit to any type of massage therapy. I tell them with certainty that they are missing out big. They could be making major gains in their health, fitness, and metal attitude with just a little bit of massage. My theory is that everyone can benefit from massage and here are some examples of how different people can benefit.

The Over Stressed

There are many folks like this out there. Their level of responsibility has been slowly increasing for many years now and they are reaching a breaking point, but they can’t afford to break. A series of relaxation massages can go a long way to relive the stress and tension in this persons life and even help them sleep better. It is amazing how stress can cumulate and manifest in your body and massage is the perfect way to release that stress.

The Chronically Pained

Many people walk around with far too much pain. Aches and pains tend to increase over the years as our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear but this doesn’t have to happen faster than it should. One major contributor to pain is a lack of flexibility and while massage won’t help your long term flexibility it can relieve some aches and pains and put you into a good position to start a stretching program.

The Weekend Warrior

I always feel sorry for this person because they tend to overdo it and then under it with the rest of the week. Whether it be a long mountain bike ride or a couple of days in the gym these people work themselves to a level of soreness that negatively effects their life. Muscular soreness can make it hard to do your job and cause you to loose focus. Massage can go a long way to ease the aches and pains as well as reduce swelling and help with relaxation. The recovery aspect of massage is particularly important for the weekend warrior.

For the Athlete

Most athlete’s are no stranger to the benefits of massage but some amateur athletes may not have the same level of access that professionals have. To get to that next level of the game athletes need to play all the right cards. Maximizing their body’s ability to heal with massage can help an athlete progress to the next level.